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Interview, Lilit Tshughuryan, founder and director of "Akademix Team" business consulting company to Banks.am portal, Mediamax

- When preparing  the interview, I found out information about the work done by your company, which was directed to Armenian museums. Let’s learn more about what we’re talking about.

- Recently we offered to the market a new package of marketing services for institutions operating in the field of culture. These are public, private galleries and museums, as well as individual artists.

 A series of professional training courses have been organized. The marketing tools used today in international practice have been presented, which will lead to the maximum improvement of the institutional  activities. It is the introduction of modern technologies in museums and galleries as a benchmark for exploration and customer service.
Marketing activities were presented to attract local and international visitors, observing museums as a constituent element of urban life, economy and tourism development.


Noyember Andreasyan
An unexpected workshop ... It was a breeze. There was no need even for a break.

It was very interactive and saturated. It was a great pleasure. The material was interesting, meaningful, the examples were alive and clear. And so correctly selected examples.
So far, in my previous experience I have participated in similar seminars, trainings, mainly I have registered 10-20% efficiency because the material was already familiar, the news was not enough, or the speaker was talking about not the original, but any one had no connection with this training.
The theme and thr training was very interesting to me. I was almost sure I would get a little, but for that very reason I went. But I received much more than I expected. Thank you to all the organizers, especially to Lilit Tshughuryan.

Sofya Saryan  General fund keeper "Company name, M. Saryan House-Museum"
Akademix Team’s training courses are a major stimuli of civilized and correct development for different sectors of Armenia. Each leader, manager needs such a simple, practical advice and consultancy  in order to succeed in their field(s) of operation. All these combined with world great cultures, domains and practice.

Lilit Sokhakyan, PR & Marketing Coordinator, "CAFESJIAN MUSEUM FOUNDATION"
Thank you for such a knowledge, rich experience and a variety of interesting news.
Tsovinar Tarakhchyan, PR Manager, " ICLT - International Center of Languages and Training"  
I participated to this unique course, where Akademix Team gave me a clear idea about the world of marketing in Galleries, Art Museums. This is a very special field which needs a special marketing approach and this training is attentively designed to give full information about the specifications. The practical examples enrolled in this course helped me to fully understand the use of the marketing tools I got from the training. Thank you Akademix team.

Wonderful, informative, training course. Thank you.

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